About me

I am a 28 year old mum living in South Wales (lucky me) who occasionally likes to speak out about a few things. I work as a freelance writer and editor (early days) and am currently working on my PhD in History. I love to write about anything and everything, and I have a terrible book fetish!

My focus for this blog is a strange combination of motherhood and politics. Since becoming a mother, politics has been of much greater concern to me. It’s no longer about me and my future, but it is all about my daughter’s.

Aside from this, I’m sure my other geeky obsessions will show their ugly heads now and again – Scandinavia, literature, certain historically and fantasy- based TV shows which have become rather an unhealthy obsession of late….

Please feel free to comment as you wish – I can take it and I’d like to know what you think. Most of you anyway!